The Christmas holidays are now less than a week away, so I thought I’d write a final post to summarise part 1 of my year abroad. Let’s start with some statistics: Snails eaten: 0 New French drinking games: 1 Crêpes eaten: 3 Stripy t-shirts owned: 2 Berets owned: 0 (unless you count my fancy dress…) […]

I considered apologising for the large gap since my last post, but then I realised that I hardly have an audience sat waiting with bated breath and popcorn… Here’s a quick summary of last week’s highlights and achievements: A teacher referring to me and my class of all male 19 year olds telling me: “you’re […]

Salut! Week 7 has arrived and I’ve realised that my time here is actually whizzing by, much like the suited-up 40 year olds on scooters… Yes, I still find it hilarious that a scooter (and I don’t mean a motorised one) is the transport of choice for business men and women alike to wheel around […]

Despite being extremely happy about being allocated Lyon as my year abroad region, the amount of free time I have has meant I’ve developed a habit of flicking onto Rome2Rio and seeing where I could voyager without spending too much money. First discovery: I can get to Geneva for 18€. I excitedly blurted this out […]

Friday 20th October marked the start of the Vacances de Toussaint in France, so I decided to take full advantage of the time off with a surprise visit to Manchester, a couple of nights in Geneva and an upcoming trip to Paris. With Manchester and Geneva accomplished, I’m back in the land of stripes and […]

For the intrigued, the curious and the out-right nosey. Here’s what my ***€ (I’m almost embarrassed to admit the figure after hearing of some assistants paying 60€) a month is getting me in Lyon. Of course, we also have 3 toilets between 7 of us, 2 bathrooms, a cellar, a large kitchen and a dining […]

If you’ve decided to read this post because of the title, you have a lot of scrolling to do before reaching the explanation. Firstly, I thought I’d centre this post on how things are going at my lycée and collège as, apart from the administrative side of things, I don’t actually feel I’ve spoken much […]