If you’ve decided to read this post because of the title, you have a lot of scrolling to do before reaching the explanation. Firstly, I thought I’d centre this post on how things are going at my lycée and collège as, apart from the administrative side of things, I don’t actually feel I’ve spoken much […]

I’ve just ticked over the two week mark of living in France, and I must say I’m feeling nicely settled. My fairy lights are finally staying put, I’ve met everybody I need to meet concerning my school and college and I’ve received my first letter in the post! What I’m quite surprised about is, other […]

“We’re going to Vienne* on Friday if you fancy it. Tickets are 12€ return.” Wow, I thought. 12€ return to Austria?! Of course I fancy it! *I later realised that by Vienne, my friends meant a very small city outside of Lyon, not the French spelling for Austria’s capital. I’m not sure whether it was […]

It’s been almost a week since I arrived in Lyon and I am literally just sitting down to write something about it. It’s been a very busy week, and I think it’s only hit me today how tired I actually am! However, to start from the beginning… The airport wasn’t a brilliant start. I’d spent […]

This blog may or may not be one of the many things that I will fail to keep up during my year abroad, along with daily meditation and interacting solely in French. There are a lot of things I could (should) have written about in order to make this a really helpful blog: the decision […]

I know, before visiting Budapest in June, I wasn’t aware that Buda and Pest used to be two different cities either. This actually led to an entertaining (to me) holiday summary: “I got burned in Buda and pissed in Pest”. What we actually did was much more than that, as can be seen by what follows… Zoo […]

This weekend, the family who I lived with as an au pair in summer last year visited us in Manchester. Initially, I was quite worried about how Manchester would ever compare to Valencia and I was absolutely praying for it not to rain. On Saturday we had sunshine and temperatures of nearly 20 degrees, so either the sun […]