Unlike the previous 3 years spent working in retail, I haven’t actually worked much over this Christmas period (that now seems so distant…) Usually, the return to work would be a dreaded experience and unfortunately this seems to be true for most people. This year, however, I was actually looking forward to going back to […]

I spent quite a while trying to come up with a name for these rice recipes before concluding that perhaps I should just call it what I always refer to it as: jazzy rice. It’s rice, jazzed up! I made these rices for a family buffet recently, so I wanted to appeal to all tastes: […]

8.30am: I’ve just been awoken by Gary Glitter shouting about ‘Another Rock and Roll Christmas’ and I am reminded that I really must change my keen Christmas alarm soundtrack. Not long since having recovered from the mild heart attack that this caused, I am launched into another state of panic as a loud hammering begins […]

With the majority of the population vowing to give up drinking, abstain from chocolate or stop smoking, the general theme of New Year’s resolutions seems to be a drastic cutting of something that was previously enjoyed. Whilst this could have some health benefits, I really don’t believe the right way to go about changing habits […]

Here we have my, what I call, ‘official’ Christmas nails. I’m wearing purple on Christmas Day and actually wanted my nails to match, but it was surprisingly painful to search for purple Christmas themed nail ideas. After attempting some baubles (and quickly removing them with shame!), I decided on a trusty reindeer. I feel that […]

When we’re surrounded by boxes of chocolates and festive food, it can be difficult to remember that ‘5 a day’ doesn’t necessarily refer to pigs in blankets. Here are some ideas to squeeze in some essential nutrients alongside your festive treats.

These are another not-too-bright Christmas option, for when you’re not quite sure what they’ll need to match. As a basecoat, I used Barry M’s classic in nude. I’d usually do a couple of coats, but went for one in order for it to dry thoroughly and evenly before decorating them. I decided to free-hand the […]