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Por qué nunca debí haberme ido de Erasmus

Originally posted on VictorSeoane:
No sabes cómo llegó, qué decisiones te llevaron hasta vivir cinco o diez meses fuera de tu casa. Puede que hasta la más remota circunstancia de un día cualquiera te empujara hasta ese punto, hasta irte de Erasmus. Y con el tiempo esa idea que tanto le disgustó a tu madre…

Pest Side Story: Things to do in Budapest

I know, before visiting Budapest in June, I wasn’t aware that Buda and Pest used to be two different cities either. This actually led to an entertaining (to me) holiday summary: “I got burned in Buda and pissed in Pest”. What we actually did was much more than that, as can be seen by what follows… Zoo […]

Thoughts: New Year, Old Me

With the majority of the population vowing to give up drinking, abstain from chocolate or stop smoking, the general theme of New Year’s resolutions seems to be a drastic cutting of something that was previously enjoyed. Whilst this could have some health benefits, I really don’t believe the right way to go about changing habits […]

Hello, hola, bonjour!

The inevitably regrettable ‘first post’.