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Lauren in Lyon 3: Swallowed by a self check-out

If you’ve decided to read this post because of the title, you have a lot of scrolling to do before reaching the explanation. Firstly, I thought I’d centre this post on how things are going at my lycée and collège as, apart from the administrative side of things, I don’t actually feel I’ve spoken much […]

Lauren in Lyon 1: La première semaine

It’s been almost a week since I arrived in Lyon and I am literally just sitting down to write something about it. It’s been a very busy week, and I think it’s only hit me today how tired I actually am! However, to start from the beginning… The airport wasn’t a brilliant start. I’d spent […]

The Liebster Award

I was reading a blog post of Bec‘s the other day, and thinking about how nice it was that her lovely blog had been nominated for a Leibster Award. Scrolling through the nominees, I let out a huge ‘awww’ to see my blog on the list! So thank you for making my day! The rules […]

“What’s a consonant?” “LIKE AFRICA” – The advantages of being a tutor

Unlike the previous 3 years spent working in retail, I haven’t actually worked much over this Christmas period (that now seems so distant…) Usually, the return to work would be a dreaded experience and unfortunately this seems to be true for most people. This year, however, I was actually looking forward to going back to […]


8.30am: I’ve just been awoken by Gary Glitter shouting about ‘Another Rock and Roll Christmas’ and I am reminded that I really must change my keen Christmas alarm soundtrack. Not long since having recovered from the mild heart attack that this caused, I am launched into another state of panic as a loud hammering begins […]

Thoughts: New Year, Old Me

With the majority of the population vowing to give up drinking, abstain from chocolate or stop smoking, the general theme of New Year’s resolutions seems to be a drastic cutting of something that was previously enjoyed. Whilst this could have some health benefits, I really don’t believe the right way to go about changing habits […]