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Lauren in Lyon 7: Jusqu’ici, tout va bien

I considered apologising for the large gap since my last post, but then I realised that I hardly have an audience sat waiting with bated breath and popcorn… Here’s a quick summary of last week’s highlights and achievements: A teacher referring to me and my class of all male 19 year olds telling me: “you’re […]

Lauren in Lyon 4: Room tour!

For the intrigued, the curious and the out-right nosey. Here’s what my ***€ (I’m almost embarrassed to admit the figure after hearing of some assistants paying 60€) a month is getting me in Lyon. Of course, we also have 3 toilets between 7 of us, 2 bathrooms, a cellar, a large kitchen and a dining […]

Sightseeing in my own city: Manchester

This weekend, the family who I lived with as an au pair in summer last year visited us in Manchester. Initially, I was quite worried about how Manchester would ever compare to Valencia and I was absolutely praying for it not to rain. On Saturday we had sunshine and temperatures of nearly 20 degrees, so either the sun […]

Recipe: Piña Colada Biscuits

My friend’s birthday was coming up and I wanted to make something cute, but party-ish. After seeing some atrocious and rather dangerous attempts (think wedging a shot glass into the icing of a cupcake), I decided to come up with my own idea of cocktail flavoured biscuits. I bought the cocktail glass shaped cutter from eBay, […]

The Liebster Award

I was reading a blog post of Bec‘s the other day, and thinking about how nice it was that her lovely blog had been nominated for a Leibster Award. Scrolling through the nominees, I let out a huge ‘awww’ to see my blog on the list! So thank you for making my day! The rules […]

Marble-Matt Nails

Extended name: marble-matt-glitter-pastel nails, but we’ll keep things brief! After having my bedroom redone in August, I’ve been in love with all things marble. I’ve seen a few people attempt the design on their nails and, after much deliberation, finally decided to try it. The tools I used were: A very fine nail art brush, […]

“What’s a consonant?” “LIKE AFRICA” – The advantages of being a tutor

Unlike the previous 3 years spent working in retail, I haven’t actually worked much over this Christmas period (that now seems so distant…) Usually, the return to work would be a dreaded experience and unfortunately this seems to be true for most people. This year, however, I was actually looking forward to going back to […]