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Lauren in Lyon 13: The beginning of the end…

Hellooooooo. I have accidentally left myself with A LOT to write about and very little time to do so. I can’t believe that the much anticipated year abroad is now over, but I have managed to hold myself together long enough to write about the final few weeks. The Tour de France Having decided not […]

Lauren in Lyon 12: Too old for Coco-Pops, too young for Weetabix

It’s the final few weeks and, although I am determined to give it my all, I must admit that I’m still playing my favourite game of ‘dodge-the-teacher-who-wants-me-at-8am’. If British children and students think their 9ams are difficult, this is a whole different ball game. This post suddenly became considerably rambly, so I added in some […]

Lauren in Lyon 11: French women don’t just skip around in berets…

Hello to anybody who has made it this far with me! I’ll be honest, in October even I didn’t think I’d still be here in March, so to still be writing about my adventures here feels a little surreal. I’m now on the final stretch in France and have 5 teaching weeks left *holds back […]

Lauren in Lyon 10: Marchés, musées and mishaps

Bonjouuur all. I am glad to say that I have made it through January, which has been nowhere near as difficult as I thought it would be. I was anticipating grey skies, early mornings, January blues and a complete lack of enthusiasm, but I have in fact been blessed with some sunny days, interesting outings […]

The Sunshine Bloggers Award

I wanted to post another blog before I return to England (and Amsterdam) for les vacances d’hiver, but my recent 9 – 6.15 timetable has made it difficult to turn notes into paragraphs and actually form a piece of writing. What better time then could Rosie have chosen to nominate me for the Sunshine Blogger […]

Lauren in Lyon 7: Jusqu’ici, tout va bien

I considered apologising for the large gap since my last post, but then I realised that I hardly have an audience sat waiting with bated breath and popcorn… Here’s a quick summary of last week’s highlights and achievements: A teacher referring to me and my class of all male 19 year olds telling me: “you’re […]

Lauren in Lyon 4: Room tour!

For the intrigued, the curious and the out-right nosey. Here’s what my ***€ (I’m almost embarrassed to admit the figure after hearing of some assistants paying 60€) a month is getting me in Lyon. Of course, we also have 3 toilets between 7 of us, 2 bathrooms, a cellar, a large kitchen and a dining […]