Poem: Mediterranean

A glimpse, a flash

Of orange and pink

Shimmering sarongs

Dyed golden by the sun

If I hold you closely

Like a seashell

I can hear the verbena

Comienza la orquesta

If I polish you

Like Aladdin’s lamp

And breathe deeply enough

Perhaps I’ll return

Flaming bulls groan

Deck chairs scatter the hillside

Cloudless dusk descends

A beber, a fumar, a bailar

Missing chips

I’d like to think

They’re glistening

Between the cobbles

Clinging to the glass

Or floating in the base

Of warm martini

Flat lemonade

I don’t care for perfection

For that morsel that escaped

If a piece of my life remains

In the village where I felt alive


One comment

  1. Full of color and smell for all senses.

    Liked by 1 person

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