Marble-Matt Nails


Extended name: marble-matt-glitter-pastel nails, but we’ll keep things brief!

After having my bedroom redone in August, I’ve been in love with all things marble. I’ve seen a few people attempt the design on their nails and, after much deliberation, finally decided to try it.

16468948_10210387110188134_2055373438_nThe tools I used were: A very fine nail art brush, a grey Sharpie, rubbing alcohol and the nail varnishes. For a matt topcoat, I use Bourjois So Matt. I’ve tried others that either go very gloopy or end up loosing their matt-ness – this is now a word – after washing my hands.

All of the polishes I used are BarryM, as I can’t resist their constant stream of new colours! I chose pastel colours because I thought they’d look pretty alongside the marble, without drawing too much attention away from it.

16736181_10210387109868126_1936650222_n.jpgThere are some good tutorials for how to achieve the marble effect, with various techniques. This tutorial by CutePolish uses the nail polish into water method, where the marble effect is achieved using hairspray to break up the polish molecules. NailsByCambria just paints the design straight on, which is suitable for those with a steadier hand. The technique I used was one from NinaNailedIt, who uses rubbing alcohol to smudge the ink from Sharpies.

Notes for next time: I would recommend using a good rubbing alcohol, as mine didn’t loosen the ink as much as shown in the tutorial. It may also be helpful to combine some of the techniques shown in order to get the best marbled effect. Finally, never attempt this when you don’t have much time or patience!



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