Christmas Nails: Purple Reindeer

Here we have my, what I call, ‘official’ Christmas nails. I’m wearing purple on Christmas Day and actually wanted my nails to match, but it was surprisingly painful to search for purple Christmas themed nail ideas. After attempting some baubles (and quickly removing them with shame!), I decided on a trusty reindeer.15682648_10209924102173223_1304874121_n

I feel that purple and silver go well together, but then had a slight flap about limiting myself to silver – what if I want to wear a gold necklace?! However, I have committed. The decision has been made. I’ve used Barry M’s Gelly in Black Cherry for the purple, and a mixture of Sinful Colours’ Out of This World and Barry M’s 15682635_10209924102053220_1603708700_n.jpgClassic in Diamond.

Initially, I thought that Christmas trees with purple baubles would look cute. After drawing two different styles and not liking any of them, I abandoned the idea in favour of a purple nosed reindeer! Perhaps with a couple more attempts I’d have found a successful Christmas tree, but I’ll save those for next year.

I then used a thick brush to draw the reindeer’s head onto a white nail, followed by Barry M’s Nail Art Pens to do the decoration. For the nose, I poured some of the purple nail varnish onto a piece of paper and used a dotting tool to make it nice and round.


For anybody who pays extreme attention to detail and has noticed that the featured image is different to the one above, yes, I did change the position of the nose because I wasn’t happy with it!

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