Festive ways to 5 a day

When we’re surrounded by boxes of chocolates and festive food, it can be difficult to remember that ‘5 a day’ doesn’t necessarily refer to pigs in blankets. Whilst it’s perfectly acceptable to indulge over Christmas, it’s great to squeeze in some nutritious fruits and vegetables if you manage to find room amongst all those fluffy roasties.


  • Christmas cranberry porridge: Nothing says Christmas like spiced fruit, so why not stir a cup of cranberries into your morning porridge, along with half a teaspoon of nutmeg? Christmas in a bowl!
  • Santa pancakes: Everybody likes a treat for breakfast on Christmas morning, and pancakes are a great option. Why not try making the batter from one banana, one egg and 1/4 cup oats? That way, you’ve squeezed in one portion of fruit and can get away with topping the pancakes with whatever you fancy! I’m yet to try this, but there are plenty of pictures on Pinterest to take inspiration from.


  • Jewelled rice: If y15609286_10209910350549441_1328516459_oour festive buffet’s looking a bit beige, why not jazz up your rice a little with some finely chopped vegetables? Red peppers can be boiled in with the rice, as can the peas if you add them just before the end. The red, green and white keeps it looking festive.
  • Honey roasted snowman’s noses: Take some baby carrots and roast them whole with a drizzle of honey and some rosemary. It’s very simple but another way to earn some 5 a day points.15666128_10209921777315103_799515719_n
  • Warming winter vegetables: A good way to add vegetables to your meals is to simply do just that: add vegetables. Throw a mixture of seasonal veg (I used courgette, red onion, peppers and tomatoes) into a roasting tin with a small drizzle of olive oil and your favourite herbs and they make a great accompaniment to any meal. Perfect for when it’s too chilly for a side salad.


  • 15696316_10209921828956394_1233580759_oCinnamon banana coins: You’re forgiven for consuming chocolate coins as snacks, but once in a while it’s good to mix some fruit in. These cinnamon spiced banana coins are a satisfying snack that don’t sacrifice any Christmas flavours.
  • Frosty trail mix: Frozen fruit is another great snack, so mixing frozen blueberries with a small handful of pecans will keep you feeling fuelled and festive between meals.15644587_10209910404150781_774361796_n
  • Avocado Christmas trees: Essentially, avocado on ryvitas. But if you can get away with shaping them like Christmas trees without your family thinking you’re losing it, then why not?!
  • Strawberry Santa hats: 7 small strawberries dipped in yoghurt and frozen for 30 minutes will make for a refreshing festive snack to satisfy a sweet tooth.
  • Chocolate orange: Once you’ve consumed all the Terry’s you can take, it’s a nice snack idea to dip an orange sliced into 8 into some melted dark chocolate. Here, you get the same flavours but far more vitamin C, fibre and folate than in a box of Terry’s!15683166_10209910403510765_1964991639_n
  • Cucumber wreath: Houmous and vegetables or crackers makes a great healthy snack. Chopping just a 5cm piece of cucumber into slices will give you one of your 5 a day, and a spoonful of houmous will make it even more tasty and add some protein too.

Merry Christmas! ❤

For another festive snack idea, try these Christmas Pudding Energy Bites!

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