Christmas Nails: Presents

presentsThese are another not-too-bright Christmas option, for when you’re not quite sure what they’ll need to match.

As a basecoat, I used Barry M’s classic in nude. I’d usually do a couple of coats, but went for one in order for it to dry thoroughly and evenly before decorating them.

I decided to free-hand the white tips, but it can be easier (and quicker) to use stickers. The only thing to beware of is that the stickers might rip the nude coat a little, so make sure it’s fully dry before going ahead.

For the snowdrops, I used Barry M’s nail art pen in white. Again, you could use a dotting tool, cocktail stick or a hairclip dipped in a white nail polish to achieve the same thing.

The presents are done in Rimmel’s Space Dust, which is sadly no longer available, but any colour could be used. The easiest way to do this is to paint one stroke about halfway up the centre of the nail. This nail polish had a wide brush, which was useful for making the squared shape. I outlined the presents using a black sharpie, and then went over it in a nail art pen to make sure it stayed on.

For me, this is a fairly easy but pretty Christmas nail design that could be adapted depending on the colours you like!

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  1. Love these!! 😍


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