Easy Winter Nails


*Restrains self from drawing Christmas trees. Steers hand away from green glitter. DON’T REACH FOR THE SANTA STICKERS – IT’S TOO EARLY!*

Yes, it took a lot of willpower to not go all-out Christmas with these nails. I wanted something that was wintery, but wouldn’t clash with every outfit I’ll be wearing over winter, as I feel like this is something I can only excuse with ‘well, it’s Christmascolours!’

I had a bit of a colour crisis with these, trying to find something that would look pretty with silver glitter, but be quite neutral at the same time. Attempts included a few different Barry M polishes: Winning Streak and Pit Stop from the Speedy collection, as well as the Coconut Infusion SurfboardI eventually decided on the Matte Vanilla, which, despite its name, is actually lilac.

The actual design, if I can call it that, was incredibly easy. To achieve the gradient effect, I painted about 2/3 of each nail with a thin layer of silver glitter. Once this had dried, I added another coat to the top half of the nail, and then a final thicker coat to the very end. If I was to do this again, I’d have dabbed some opaque silver to the end of each nail with a sponge before starting the glitter, just to make it stand out a little more. The snowflakes are stickers from Amazon.

The next nail post will inevitably be more festive than this, as any of my opinions against tackiness go flying out of the window and into the snow when it comes to all things Christmas!


  1. These are amazing!!!! 😍


    1. Thank you! They aren’t difficult either ❤


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