Christmas Room Décor: Under £10


Though I wouldn’t class myself as a Christmas lover, I am a lover of any excuse to decorate my bedroom, nails, food and anything in between! Due to my tendency to change my room around a lot, I’ve deemed it the best option to search for inexpensive accessories that can be stored away and brought out depending on thtreee season.

This year I finally have my desired white and grey bedroom, meaning I’m not too limited in terms of colour choices. I’ve chosen a pale pink and blue theme, which I’d like to say I spent a while pondering over, but it was a slight accident after I fell in love with some baubles in Primark.

I was, for the first time, a little disappointed in Manchester’s huge Primark. For example, where were these when I visited?! I await the day Primark let’s us shop online… (but my bank account doesn’t.) Each item in the following list cost under £10, with the majority being far less; meaning you don’t have to feel guilty about making yourself feel that little bit more festive.

paperBuying wrapping paper is generally a highlight of my Christmas (oh, the wild life I lead), and I’ve had the tendency to buy it from Next for the last few years due to that tempting 25% staff discount. This year however, I’ve left the world of retail and therefore the world of wrapping paper is well and truly my oyster. I had my heart set on this from Paperchase, but when I finally got round to visiting, realised it looked much nicer online than in real life.  I then found this in Wilko, which I liked as it matches my colour scheme (not that any recipients are going to know that – but at least they’ll look pretty whilst they’re in my room!) I also have a plain silver one, to balance the wrapping of presents with more than one piece. magnets

During Autumn I’ve had my orange coloured magnets on my whiteboard, but was very excited for the return of my beloved Belgian waffle house ones for the winter! There’s nothing like surrounding yourself with souvenirs of a festive memories to framemake yourself feel happy, relaxed and cosy.

Another way of making your room fit the season without splashing out is to make use of changeable features like photo frames. I have a plain white one, in which I’ve put a wintery picture of the Eiffel Tower, because I study French, and I’m so original… This forms part of what I like to call my ‘seasonal shelf’.

I have two bedding options, one being a light blanket that I’m using as a throw to match my all-year-round quilt, and the other being a whole new duvet set that matches my white, grey, pink and blue colour theme.


Primark: 25 pastel baubles, copper wire lights, polar bear candle.

Tesco: Christmas tree duvet set.candle

Paperchase: 2ft Christmas tree.

Wilko: Glitter striped baubles.

Asda: Felt snowflake garland.

Home Bargains: Polar fleece blanket.

Pound Stretcher: Snowy pinecones.

Ideal Home Show: Dome with copper LEDs.



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