The Body Shop Christmas Launch 2016

14962448_10209446052022268_1323259715_nTonight, thanks to The Body Shop and UoM BlogSoc, I was able to browse the 2016 Christmas bath and beauty products at The Trafford Centre store. I could have spent all night orbiting the exciting new products, but had to allow some time for a skin consultation and make-over too!

The Body Shop provide detailed recommendations of skincare products according to your skin’s needs. I have quite dry skin, so was treated to a vitamin E cleanse and tone. The products were a lot more gentle than the Clearasil that I usually use, which, though very good at removing make-up, does tend to leave me quite red faced. My skin was moisturised and primed, and I had a foundation applied which, to my surprise, wasn’t the lightest shade and actually suited my skin. 14962494_10209446051782262_1169483478_n

There are 3 new eyeshadow palettes for the party season, and I fell for the purple ‘True Romance’ shades. Being a glasses wearer, I usually fear darker shades of eyeshadow, knowing that the magnification from my lenses combined with my lack of skill for make-up will result in me stepping out looking like I’ve had a bad time in a boxing ring. Tonight, however, I decided it was time to try something different, and I was really happy with how it looked.

The main thing I’ve learned tonight from the staff is that I should really pay more attention to my skin’s needs. I’ve been using strong products for a while now because they do the job quickly, but my skin is quite sensitive and I should really use more gentle products. Also, maybe in future I won’t dive straight for the palest foundation shade for fear of being ‘orange’, as it seems I might have been making myself look unnecessarily ghostly instead! I also vow to be more adventurous with my colours of make-up, although I should probably practise some technique first.

14961431_10209446378670434_416977838_n.jpgGiven that it’s now November, I decided it was acceptable to begin my Christmas shopping too. The gifts seem to get better each year with The Body Shop, and I’m glad to see that the favourites, like the shower gel and bath lily gift sets that we all bought each other throughout our school years, are still going strong. I particularly loved these apple shaped festive gift tins; they make me think of the enticing apple from Snow White – minus the poison! The three scents are: Frosted Berries, Spiced Apple (my favourite due to its subtle but fruity smell) and Vanilla Chai. The scents are also available in candles, sprays and body scrubs.

I’ll finish with this photo of a lovely selection of more Christmas gifts. As much as I love the beauty product advent calendars that a lot of shops are bringing out, they do make me feel slightly uncomfortable. Are they a Christmas present? Do I buy this and give it to the recipient 25 days early? Is it appropriate to present an advent calendar on Christmas Day? I’ll probably buy one one day, when I figure out how exactly they fit into the gift giving routine. Thankfully, there are plenty of other options to keep me going in the meantime, including ‘Merry Kissmas’ lip balm lollipops, Christmas crackers containing hand creams and adorable Santa sponges!


  1. I love the Body shop and all this stuff looks sooo nice and exciting!!! ☆

    Please come check our blog out and share some love ♡♡♡


    1. Thank you, I will do! ❤


  2. I love it! It all looks so pretty and exciting! Xx


  3. I want to buy everything, they all look so amazing! Love your post ❤


    1. I know, there’s so many lovely present ideas and the make-up is soo Christmassy! Thank you ❤


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