Halloween Night Ideas: Costume and Music.


I’ve always been one to get overly excited about anything seasonal and festive. The opportunities for themed outfits, food and nails allow for an amount of freedom that I probably wouldn’t get away with in my average daily life! Having dressed up as a crayon last year, I decided to go for something a little ‘scarier’. Two friends and I decided on the theme of Unhappily Ever After, where we would each be a Halloween style version of a fairy-tale character. Hence: Sinderella, Malice in Wonderland and Little Dead Riding Hood.outfit2

I based my outfit around a blue dress that I’ve had for a while now. The clock necklace was from Accessorize, also a while ago, but often seems to come in handy! All I had to buy was a white apron and some socks, to which I added fake blood and stapled some playing cards. For some extra accessories, I replaced Alice’s signature bow headband with a black rose veil and carried an empty red wine bottle labelled ‘Drink Me’.

Playlist Essentials

Any Halloween playlist needs some cheesy themed music. I might have got desperate and added anything with the word ‘ghost’ or ‘monster’ in the title, but here’s a few of the songs that featured on our night: Ghost – Ella Henderson, Monster – The Automatic, Monster – Lady Gaga, Monster – Professor Green (I bet you’d never guessed that so many artists have actually released songs called ‘Monster’?!), Thriller – Michael Jackson, I’m In Love With A Monster – Fifth Harmony, Zombie – Jamie T, The Time Warp – Damian, Highway To Hell – ACDC and Hypsoline – La Femme.

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