Hello, hola, bonjour!


Admittedly, making my first blog post title slightly resemblant of the lyrics of a 2010 Tinie Tempah song probably isn’t the way to entice my intended audience, but what would I have to improve on if the first post wasn’t a little too cringey/borderline tragic?

I’m Lauren, I’m 21 and I study French with Spanish at university. My main interests are languages, writing, cooking, home décor and nail art and I aim to centre this blog around these. I would also like to include some advice posts as I feel like I could share some experiences that will hopefully help others (or prevent them from making my mistakes!)

I’m currently working as an English Language Assistant and living in Lyon, so prepare to be bombarded (I hope) with year abroad related posts.

I also hope to use this blog to improve and maintain my languages by writing/translating some posts into French or Spanish (and now, the awful title makes sense!)


  1. Mark Smith · · Reply

    This is short but sweet. It shows the kind of person you are Lauren. I can tell your blogs will be humorous and personal while sharing your journey. Good luck in your term and enjoy the experiences that are in front of you!


  2. Welcome to the world of blogging! I hope you have a wonderful stay in Spain learning French! French is my native tongue and I assure you made the right choice 🙂 I can’t wait to read more about your experience!


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